Soko Home Baking Flour


Milled with state of art technology and from the finest blend of high-quality wheat grains.

An All-purpose flour that is easy to knead, mix, spread, roll, shape & bake making the cooking process as enjoyable as the delicious home-made tasty treats.

It is ideal for making the best soft layered chapati, Mandazi, cakes, pancakes and other home-made delights.

SUPERIOR TASTE & COLOR: TASTY! Every taste of a treat made from Soko Wheat has an excellent taste. It has a unique packaging & distinctly it's linked to SOKO Brand.


  • Good for Health - Fortified with Vitamins & minerals.
  • The ONLY Fortified Home baking all-purpose flour that is easy to knead, roll, mix, whip so you will enjoy making your treats!
  • The finest, softest, easy to prepare flour.