Pendana Fortified Maize Meal


Pendana Maize flour was the first maize meal to be fortified in Kenya. It has been enriched with 6 essential vitamins and Iron. It is fortified with Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, Niacin, Folate and Iron.

Maize flour is made from grinding of the entire maize kernel to milled flour. It contains protein as well as fat. Most vitamins are concentrated in the outer layer if the grain which is the Bean and Germ. The layer is removed during the milling process, resulting in loss of some critical vitamins. Enrichment and fortification of the maize flour is a means of replenishing the lost minerals and vitamins.

The maize flour has been fortified with vitamins and minerals making it healthier and more nutritious for the whole family. The flour offers great taste, value and energy for the family.

PENDANA maize flour is finely ground creating a refined maize meal taste for the entire family including a weaning option for mother.

It is good for porridge as well as maize meal options like Ugali.


The flour has several vitamins and minerals

  • Vitamin a: For good vision, healthy skin, hair and immune system
  • Vitamin B1: For muscle, nervous system and brain development
  • Vitamin B2: For healthy skin, eyes, nails and helps release energy to cells
  • Vitamin B6: For healthy blood, skin and nerves & proper use of proteins
  • Niacin: Involved in energy producing reactions in cells and maintains digestive system
  • Folate: For growing cells and healthy blood. Also important for healthy babies and a healthy heart
  • Iron: Helps the body’s use of oxygen, carrying it to all the cells of the body. It prevents anaemia