• Soko Sifted Maize Meal Flour

    SOKO Maize flour is the leading and most preferred maize meal flour brand in the market. The flour offers great taste, value and energy for the family.

    Maize flour is made from grinding of the entire maize kernel to milled flour. It contains protein as well as fat. Most vitamins are concentrated in the outer layer if the grain which is the Bean and Germ. The layer is removed during the milling process, resulting in loss of some critical vitamins. Enrichment and fortification of the maize flour is a means of replenishing the lost minerals and vitamins.

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  • AMAIZE Maize Meal

    AMAIZE is the new premium maize meal that is whiter and finer; making a softer, smoother ugali to suit Kenyan consumers delight.

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